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It Is Time to Go Solar

By going solar, you'll be saving time, saving money, and most importantly - saving our planet.

Switch to Solar with Easy Finance Options

Collateral Free Loan

  • Collateral not required

  • Loan for system capacity 50 KW to 1 MW

  • Loan facility for residential, Industrial and Commercial customers

Lowest Interest Rates

  • With HV Solar, you can avail low-interest loans with low EMI.

  • To apply submit your contact details on 8700102836 or in submit section.

Huge Benefits

  • GST input benefit

  • Low Maintenance system

  • 40% accelerated depreciation

  • Savings in electricity bill for 25 years

Risk free Higher returns

  • No moving part

  • Longer system warranty

  • 25 yr Solar Panel warranty

  • Much higher return than Bank Fixed Deposit

How Solar Finance Works?

HV Solar offers easy and affordable financing options that help you transition to sustainable solar technology. With our solar rooftop loans, both residential customers, as well as industrial customers, can get the benefits of solar power & reduce there heavy electricity bills.

HV Solar provides instant EMI options with low-interest rates and no collateral making, it is an ideal way to finance your power solar system in India.


Choose green energy and avail the best offers for solar rooftop loans from HV Solar.

Site Eligibility

Our technical team conduct a detailed site survey to check the feasibility, accessibility and Installation requirement of Solar Rooftop Power Generation system. 

Installation & Commissioning

Solar Installation plays a very important role, as with right installation at right angle with the right equipment by our experienced team the power generation increases, which reduces pay back period.

Net Metering Connection

Our experienced team is in regular touch with government department officials & updated on the documentation required for net metering. HV Solar provides you a hassle free net metering arrangement inline with government departments.

Solar On!

We use remote monitoring to keep track of system performance and take corrective measures to ensure 99% uptime of the rooftop solar plant and maximum power generation for our clients.

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