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Top 5 Solar Inverters in India 2023

Updated: Dec 30, 2022

Solar inverters play a vital role in power generation as they extract maximum from Solar Panels & convert DC Power to AC Power.

Top 5 Solar Inverters - Residential Application

Below we share the best residential solar ‘string’ inverters for 2023 based on quality, features, monitoring, generation, warranty and service, together with feedback from solar installers and industry professionals.

1. SolarEdge

SolarEdge inverters from Israel, are getting popular in India post gaining popularity in USA, Europe, Australia and around the world. Due to there unique patented technology using DC Optimizers they enable individual Solar PV panel level power optimisation and control.

The compact SolarEdge HD wave inverters are available in a wide range of sizes from 3kW to 10kW. All SolarEdge inverters must be installed with an additional DC Power Optimizer fitted to each panel. The Optimizers helps in panel-level monitoring and best power optimisation.

SolarEdge Optimizers enable longer strings of panels, uneven strings, offer DC Safety, rapid shutdown for increased safety, help reduce the detrimental effects of shading, and can provide early detection of potential issues including module mis match losses.

SolarEdge monitoring tool also provides panel level generation along with string level & inverter level generation like other strings inverters, which helps them to stay ahead in fault detection, easy rectification & higher generation.

Standard warranty of SolarEdge Inverter - 12 years

Standard warranty of SolarEdge Power Optimizer - 25 yrs

2. KSolare (Indian Manufacturer)

Indian manufacturer KSolare is gaining popularity across India. They have installed more than 275000 units across India. KSolare offers residential inverters from 3 KW to 10 KW with single / dual MPPT.

Some Key Feature of KSolare Inverter:

  • India’s most compact 5th’ generation (5G) Grid Tie Inverter with 25 years design life

  • 5G Nex-Gen Quad Core DSP with superfast dynamic MPPT η (99.99%)

  • 98.9% Max conversion efficiency by using 5-L bridge DSV-PWM with <l.7% THD.

  • Zero defect service free product, Ultra-Light, Easy to install and monitor

  • Unique design by using Type-II/III surge protections (SPD) with thermal cut-off.

  • Fan less (zero-maintenance) design with high quality and Optimized Natural cooling

  • All PCB’s are tested with ICT & FCT testing facility for 100% fail proof

  • Smart Algorithm control: Maximizes generation due to multiple & wider MPPT design.

Standard warranty of KSolare Inverter - 8 years

3. Sungrow

Founded back in 1997 by a university professor, Sungrow is one of the largest suppliers of solar inverters globally and a leading Chinese inverter manufacturer. The residential SG range of inverters have become very popular among installers due to the competitive price and great reliability record. Sungrow is a very large player internationally and has a good reputation for service and quality.

String inverters transform the direct current (DC) from your PV panels into an alternating current (AC) that can be fed into the electrical grid. String inverters are mostly used in residential and commercial solar projects such as rooftop, carport, ground mount and tracker installations. Sungrow string inverters come in a power range between 2.5 kW and 352 kW.

Standard warranty of Sungrow Inverter - 5 years

4. Hitachi

Hitachi Hi-Rel’s Grid Tied Solar Inverters are based on the contemporary technology of Hitachi Ltd, Japan. Currently Hitachi branded Solar Inverters are generating more than 5.5 GW renewable power in Global Solar Domain as well as more than 3 GW+ renewable power in Indian Solar Domain.

Hitachi Solar Inverters are the best available Grid Tied Solar Inverters which are high performance inverters, highly advanced & reliable, highly efficient, easy to install and safe and mainly the Heart of Solar power generating system. Hitachi Hi-Rel offers 2.5 MW Outdoor Solar Central Inverters (1500 VDC) and 250 kW to 2860 kW (1000 VDC) Solar Central Inverters as well as Solar String Inverters with 4.4 kW to 255 kW (3ph) and 1.1 kW to 6 kW (1ph).

Standard warranty of Hitachi Inverter - 5 years

5. Growatt

Growatt entered the solar inverter market back in 2010 and has grown rapidly to become one of the world’s largest inverters manufacturers. Based in Shenzhen, China, Growatt’s first-generation entry-level solar inverters were known to have some quality and reliability issues, but to their credit, the company backed its product by servicing many of the warranty claims.

Growatt has since released a vast array of updated inverters which have had very good feedback so far, and now offers a wide range of solar and energy storage inverter solutions for residential and commercial applications. Still focused on the entry-level market segment, many of the new models have been available for a little over two years, so they are yet to prove themselves in the long term. Growatt seems keen to improve its position and has established local support centres in many countries offering good service in case of a failure or warranty claim.

Standard warranty of Growatt Inverter - 7 years

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