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Top 10 Solar Rooftop Installation Companies in India 2023

Major obstacles to India's rapid adoption of rooftop solar include a lack of pertinent information and a lack of knowledge of the advantages of going solar. People pay high electricity rates as a result of their discomfort with paying a high upfront price for solar panels and other equipment.

The rooftop industry has slowed rapidly due to a lack of standardized products, procedures, and simple financing choices from banks. Rooftop solar panels can now be paid off in 3-5 years because to the sharp decline in solar energy costs (note this depends on many factors like subsidy, electricity bill, tariff, units consumed etc.)

According to Mercom, households account for only 9% of the total rooftop solar capacity in the country and a majority of the rooftop installations in the country are on commercial or industrial establishments. However, given the rising demand for power in the country, rooftop solar is the only viable option in India. Let us have a look at the country’s top rooftop solar installers.

Here is the list of top 10 rooftop solar installation companies in India

  1. HV Solar

  2. TATA Power Solar

  3. Mahindra Susten

  4. Fourth Partner Energy

  5. Vikram Solar

  6. Renew Power

  7. CleanMax Solar

  8. Harsha-Abakus Solar

  9. Ujaas Energy

  10. Amplus Energy

#1. HV Solar (Harsh Vardhan Enterprises)

HV Solar is one of the fastest growing solar rooftop installation companies in India with an experience of 70+ man years in Solar Rooftop Installation. They offer solar rooftop power plant for capacity ranging from 10 kW to 500 kW. The company is having an existing installation base of 8 MW + Solar Rooftop Installation across 70 cities in India.

HV Solar has covered on-grid as well as hybrid solar rooftop projects in residential, commercial and industrial spaces including hospitals, factories, educational institutions, offices, industries, and many more.

#2. Tata Power Solar

Tata Power Solar ranks amongst the most trusted and dependable rooftop solutions providers in India. The company commissioned its first rooftop solar installation in 1991. The company has more than 10,000 residential customers and an installed base of more than 250 MW of rooftop systems today. Tata Power Solar ranks India's No. 1 Solar Rooftop EPC player by Bridge to India for four consecutive years. Some of its popular rooftop installations include on Cricket Club of India, RSSB-EES Amritsar, and Cochin International airport.


#3. Mahindra Susten

Mahindra Susten is the 'Cleantech' arm of the Mahindra group. Mahindra Susten is a leading company in the solar EPC space in India. The company has installed rooftop solar solutions for leading corporate houses like Infosys, JK Fenner, JK Tyres, SAIL, Tech Mahindra etc. in India. The company has commissioned over 1210 MW to date and over 1990 MW is under execution.


#4. Fourth Partner Energy

Founded in 2010, Fourth Partner Energy is one of India’s leading rooftop solar companies today. The company manages a portfolio of more than 120 MW and 100+ clients like Nestle, EY, Airtel etc. The company’s distributed solar model has demonstrated significant cost savings, as well as has the potential to avert more than 16 million tonnes of carbon and reduce emission.

#5. Vikram Solar

Vikram Solar is a manufacturer of PV solar modules and is capable of manufacturing modules which can be used for both on grid and off grid establishments across residential, commercial and industrial segments. It is a prominent rooftop solar and EPC solutions provider. The company has a good rooftop solar EPC experience with project presence across 22 states in India. Vikram Solar was first company to build solar rooftop array on world's first 100% solar powered airport in Cochin.


#6. Renew Power

Renew Power Ventures Pvt. Ltd. is an Independent Power Producer (IPP) of clean energy. The company commissioned its first distributed solar energy project in March 2015, and has an operational distributed solar capacity of over 40 MW as of March 31, 2018. ReNew has installed 200 rooftop solar plants for some of the prominent names such as Himalaya Drug Company, J.K. Cement Limited, JK Tyres, Indian Railways and AAI across 35 Indian cities.


#7. CleanMax Solar

Another leading name in the rooftop solar sector is CleanMax Solar with an average market share of 20% (as per the Bridge to India April 2018 report). The company has installed more than 300 rooftop projects for over 100 companies and has a rooftop solar operating capacity of over 170 MW. CleanMax has been recognized by the MNRE and has received the National Excellence Awards for Rooftop Solar Developer and Rooftop Solar EPC Player in 2016. The company is also known for pioneering the ‘Energy Sale’ model in rooftop solar in 2012.


#8. Harsha-Abakus Solar

Harsha Abakus Solar was formed as a joint venture between Harsha Solar and Abakus Solar AG. The company's key focus areas include BIPV, rooftop installations, grid-tied power plants, and off-grid installations. Since its inception in 2010, the company has successfully completed projects of over 110 MW capacity spread across Gujarat, Rajasthan, Haryana, Chhattisgarh, Maharashtra, Karnataka as well as in Tamil Nadu.


#9. Ujaas Energy

With an engineering experience of three decades, Ujaas Energy is another leading name in the Indian solar industry with 235 MW of installed capacity. The company is aggressively expanding into the residential rooftop sector with the launch of Ujaas Home, ranging from 1 kW to 10 kW.


#10. Amplus Energy Solutions

Amplus Energy is India’s leading distributed solar power provider. The company caters mainly to industrial and commercial clients and owns one of the largest portfolio of distributed generation assets in India. It has developed rooftop solar solutions for a wide range of rooftops. Few of its clients are Fortis, Dominos, IFB, Honeywell etc.

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